Famous Books Authored by Martin Luther King Jr

Apart from being a civil activist, Luther also showed a keen interest in documenting his work and inspiring people with his values and findings. Between 1957 and 1968, Luther wrote several books that are still considered a Bible to many reformers following the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr . Here is a list of his best-selling books.

Why we can’t wait

During the Birmingham campaign in 1963, many violent and disobedience events got Luther in jail. From the prison cell, he wrote letters to the local religious leaders, which is popularly called ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail.’ This letter was widely circulated among different groups of people. After his release, the Birmingham campaign was concluded, post which Luther extended his letter to write this book. The book mainly talks about the story unfolding African American criticism in 1963. The book highlights the vivid details of the Birmingham campaign, which was also considered a crucial year for the civil rights movement.

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr

The information in this book is derived from the archival collection of Luther’s work, his interviews, unpublished writing, correspondence, and voice records. Although King Scholar Clayborne Carson constructs the book, it talks about the struggles, achievements, and extraordinary life led by Martin Luther King Jr.

Birmingham campaign

Where do we go from here?

One year before Luther’s murder, in 1967, he took a break from the constant demands of the civil rights movement. Instead, Luther rented a residence in Jamaica and isolated himself from the world to work on his final manuscript. In this book, Martin Luther King talks about his ideas of refinement, plans, actions, thoughts, and dreams for the American future. He also jots down his ideas on the need for better jobs, social indiscrimination, wages, housing, and the need for a rich educational system. Finally, he concludes the book by putting forth his thoughts on improving the world by working on technology and available resources to eradicate poverty completely.

A Knock at Midnight

Luther was the face of most of the significant reforms of the mid-twentieth century, which built courage in his followers. This book contains eleven of his powerful sermons from audio recordings recorded a few days before Luther’s assassination. This book is considered an irresistible call for achieving greatness and raising courage in young minds to follow their dreams.

I have a dream

I have a dream is based on Luther’s famous speech on August 28th, 1963, which changed the course of history and how people fought for their rights. He addressed overlooked thousands of people gathered to take the civil rights movement to the next step. The book portrays his ideas, speech delivery, and hope for a better America. The book also contains inspiring lines from ‘I See the Promised Land‘Pilgrimage to nonviolence, and ‘Letter from Birmingham.’