Famous Accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr is a famous social rights activist who widely contributed to the rights and freedom of the African – American community in the United States. During the mid-twentieth century, he was the voice of the people and contributed to many civil rights movements by organizing several peaceful protests and marches. He followed Mahatma Gandhi’s style of nonviolence and delivered many inspiring and influential speeches during his time. Although he was mainly popular for his ‘I have a dream’ speech, his accomplishments span further. For instance, one of his primary goals was to develop equality in a diverse America where people of all races enjoyed their freedom. In this article, he has mentioned some of his accomplishments by date.

Founding of SCLC

1957 – Founding of SCLC

SCLC stands for Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was founded to incorporate a flow in the activities performed across the south. Sixty black ministers, along with many civil rights leaders, were part of this conference, which helped them to unify their campaigning methods and create harmonious ways to establish racial equality in America.

1963 – The Great March on Washington

Equality and freedom in job opportunities increased after this march, which was solely created for this purpose. Luther was led by over 250,000 participants who raised their voices in Washington, DC, to promote equal job opportunities for natives and African-Americans equally.

1963 – The Birmingham Campaign

Police brutality and societal injustice were among the leading causes of chaos during that era. Luther created this campaign to raise their voice against it. The campaign also promoted that there would be consequences for any unjust and unfair activity based on race. This campaign set a benchmark for all future hearings on similar acts.

1964- Civil Rights Act

The civil rights act was an essential step in history to eradicate discrimination in public places based on color, race, sex, religion, and national origin. It was also considered one of the legislative achievements in history, governed by Luther’s activism.

1965 – The Nobel Peace Prize

Luther King Jr got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for establishing his civil right in a non-violent format. He stated this was achievable because of the movement led by great people with majestic courage and discipline.

Voting Rights Act

1965- The Voting Rights Act

The inequality of voting rights was a severe problem in diverse America. Luther led many marches in Alabama to fight against the issue. This movement prompted President Johnson to pass a bill to Congress and request to remove all the restrictions on voting, which were mainly based on race. The bill was passed into law in 1965, which outlawed much race-based discrimination in voting practices in the southern states. Many literacy tests and prerequisites for voting were also removed under this law.