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January 13-15

free and open to the public

Statement on Family Separation

Get Ready for MLK2018!

Welcome to the MLK2018 website, the official site for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations in San Francisco. The Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation - NorcalMLK - hosts San Francisco's annual MLK celebrations. 2018 marks the Fiftieth year since the assassination of Dr. King, and NorcalMLK will spend the entire year in programs and projects designed to reflect on our society: where it has come, and where we want it to go. It begins with our MLK2018 events.

Our MLK2018 theme is The Urgency of Now. This current season has manifested an unease with our domestic and international social condition, politics, and economy. And, a return to a past era of intolerance and despair has given voice to some of our nation’s worst instincts. And yet, we must continue to speak to those things that undergird our determination to nourish that which is the best in the human personality. For, “the arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice,” a justice that marks a beloved community.1

Below you will find the latest information on the exciting activities and events for MLK2018 that will help us to move toward the beloved community, along with special notifications, volunteer opportunities, and other chances to participate. Keep pace with the MLK2018 activities with the MLK2018 Schedule. And, begin your MLK celebration weekend at the MLK Day of Revelations at the de Young Museum. Register for commemmorative transportation passes below and enjoy a free round-trip journey to the MLK2018 celebration events on Monday, January 15.

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Also, here are the highlights of MLK2017.

1. For more information see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, University of Oslo, December 11, 1964.

MLK2018 Events

There are events, festivals and opportunities for every age and walk of life at MLK2018 (press or hover over each box for program information).

All events are free and open to the public, unless otherwise indicated.

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MLK2018 Schedule

January 13-15

Revelations Art

MLK Day of Revelations

January 13

King & Faith Image

King & Faith Lectures

January 13 - February 17

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January 13-15

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January 15

MLK kids' sidewalk chalk drawings

Youth Programs

January 13-15

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January 15

Leader Pelosi and Leroy King

Labor Breakfast

January 15

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January 15

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Main Program

January 15

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Music Festival

January 15

MLK Health Image

Health Festival

January 15

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Leader Pelosi and Leroy King


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